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Take a look at this special LED Flash unit from Stellar Lighting Systems. 


Check out this short video featuring the STL-AF5W Vari-Zoom Adjustable Focus from Stellar Lighting Systems.


Check out the Stellar Lighting System's DFL-C 880 Vari-Flo Light in action!


 Discover the amazing power of the Stellar Lighting System's CFL-R18 Beauty Light in the video below.


 Enjoy this short video featuring Stellar Lighting System's 4 Lamp DFL-C220 Professional 4-Bank Fluorescent Flo Light


 Take a look at this live demo of the Vari-Flo 6 Bulb from Stellar Lighting Systems.


 Here's another great live demo of the Vari-Flo 6 bulb in action!


You'll love the CFL-R18 Beauty Light by Stellar Lighting Systems!


 Check out this brief video featuring Stellar Lightins System's CS-26CR Heavy C-Stand

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