• Stellar  Sun Panel   LED Light

    Stellar Sun Panel LED Light

    Stellar  Sun Panel  LED Light Kit ( stand not included )   Twice as bright as the average 1x1 Panel.   The circuitry of these panels are exclusive to Stellar. These panels have two dedicated circuits. One for 5600K (white) LEDs...

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  • Stellar LED Selfie Block

    Stellar LED Selfie Block

    Another in pocket professional video light from Stellar Lighting Systems. This little light is designed to create a professional look for all those people who need to make videos with their phone in all different places and all different times. ...

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  • Stellar Polaris

    Stellar Polaris

    Stellar Polaris Here is powerful photographic light that is easy to carry and can be used for just about everything. WE think that the permanent lash industry will love this light as well as the eyebrow girls.   This is a 5000 lumen light, As...

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