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About Stellar Lighting Systems

Stellar Lighting Systems strives to raise the bar when it comes to professional lighting equipment. Company founder Hooshmand Harooni's vision is to produce professional lighting for photography artists. 

As a portrait and fashion photographer, Mr. Harooni understands the importance of quality lighting and the role it plays in taking the beauty of a subject to the next level. Now, a patent holding inventor, Mr. Harooni takes his passion for photography and developing professional equipment into action with Stellar Lighting Systems.

stellar-about-us.pngMaintaining a strong philosophy supporting the fact that quality lighting furthers a subject’s beauty, Stellar Lighting Systems guarantees:

“If you don’t receive the proper soft and beautiful illumination of your subject and scene, you can return your product within 2 weeks of purchase for a full hassle free refund.”

At Stellar Lighting Systems, it’s our mission to develop professional lighting systems that reveal the true beauty of a subject. Therefore, all of our systems for professional lighting are uniquely created to enhance the beauty of a subject by softening him/it- whether it is a model or an object.

We embrace the firm belief in the 5DII Digital evolution, which recognizes a special value in digital photography. We understand how this development has changed the market forever by enabling professional photographers to produce the best images possible at moderate costs.

All of our photography lighting systems are created based on our belief in this evolution. We exceed the quality you’re seeking, while maintaining competitive prices. In addition to photography equipment, our lighting designs support the independent movie market industry and their artistic vision.

At Stellar Lighting Systems, we’re able to achieve the results you need as we pay careful attention to the world around us. Therefore, we’re able to capture its details revealing stunning possibilities. We provide photographers, film-markers, and artists with the quality lighting equipment they need to go above and beyond when it comes to capturing the true beauty of a subject.

Stellar Lighting Systems is more than just a developer of lighting equipment. We are photography experts on revealing the honest truth of beauty.

It’s a paradox and a passion. It’s our mission and our magic. That’s what we do!

At Stellar Lighting Systems, we’ll impress you with our products…we promise!